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The Power of Leveraging Infinite Intelligence

Updated: Jan 9

In August 2020, I gave a presentation on soul-centered leadership with another presenter. The other speaker emphasized the significance of emotional intelligence in leadership. Soul-centered leadership was introduced as an advanced approach to demonstrating emotional intelligence as a leader. In the subsequent years, I have come to realize that there is a distinct type of intelligence that soul-centered leaders follow, which I refer to as "infinite intelligence". While emotional intelligence has had a significant impact on the leadership landscape over the past two decades, the effects of leveraging infinite intelligence on leadership will be even greater.

As humans, we have access to an inner knowing that represents the deepest truth, free from any judgment, criticism, ego, or agenda. When we tap into this infinite intelligence, we gain insights and awareness that resonate with authenticity and truth. Recently, a colleague asked me if infinite intelligence is the same as curiosity. My response was that curiosity is a matter of asking questions, while infinite intelligence is about providing answers. Often, we answer questions based on our own experiences, opinions, or information from books, which are essentially derived from the experiences and opinions of others. Infinite intelligence, on the other hand, is accessed through mindfulness and meditation, which involves emptying our minds and opening ourselves to the guidance that comes directly from the Universal Source.

If we think of Universal or Infinite Intelligence as an ocean, we can imagine our individual soul to be a single drop of water. By accessing intelligence through our own drop of water, our soul, we can gain access to the infinite intelligence of the entire ocean to which we are all linked at a soul level. Although it may seem simple, accessing this intelligence is far from easy. It is possible to learn not only to access infinite intelligence, but also to be guided by it and even lead others by its wisdom. However, shedding all the effects of the ego that block the guidance that comes from within, which is truly pure and soul-inspired, often takes decades.

Statue of Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo once said about his famous sculpture of David, "I created a vision of David in my mind and simply carved away everything that was not David." At ARTE and Soul, we are dedicated to assisting leaders in discovering their authentic leadership style by accessing infinite intelligence. We do not encourage imitation of others or blindly following someone else's leadership style. Instead, we help leaders remove the obstacles that hinder their inner knowing, such as ego and personal agendas. Our goal is to uncover the brilliant, authentic leader that has always existed within them.

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